According to Jewish tradition, a Bat Mitzvah reflects a major turning point in the life of a Jewish girl and as such, we believe very strongly that every girl should celebrate this milestone in a meaningful and traditional manner. 
We are proud to present you a variety of options to personalize your service and make this day, one to remember for years to come.


In addition to your daughter attending Hebrew school on Sundays all the way through her to the time of her Bat Mitzvah. Approximately 6 months before her Bat Mitzvah date your daughter is expected to join a specialized Pre-Bat Mitzvah experience known as the “Bat Mitzvah Club”. The BMC serves as a forum for discussion and discovery, encouraging the Bat Mitzvah girls to learn more about this unique time in their lives.

The Bat Mitzvah girl will usually be with a few other girls having their Bat Mitzvah around the same time as your daughter in 12 semi-private classes with Rebbetzin Estie Gutnick and will cover the following syllabus: 

  • What a Bat Mitzvah really means
  • Understanding the meaning behind the important Mitzvot
  • Recognizing her unique talents and passions and how to utilize them to perform Mitzvot
  • Choosing a Mitzvah Project
  • Learning about Famous Biblical Women
  • Research and discussions on the 3 “women’s mitzvoth” and their importance to Jewish survival.
  • Translation and history of the prayers she will be reciting at her ceremony
  • In depth learning of her Torah portion including selected commentaries

After the majority of the studying has been accomplished, the Bat Mitzvah girl and Rebbetzin Estie will learn and review the selected prayers and verses from the Torah or the Haftorah that she will chant and also translate and explain. Additionally she will prepare a “d’var torah” speech as well. Traditionally a Bat Mitzvah girl does not read from the Torah scroll.  Following the Bat Mitzvah club lessons, Rabbi Gutnick will be available for 3 lessons and rehearsals with the Bat Mitzvah girls to complete the preparation. If more lessons are needed they will be added onto the plan.


The Bat Mitzvah girl is encouraged to choose a Mitzvah/Tzedaka project, (such as volunteering her time or raising Money for a charity in honor of her Bat Mitzvah). We will discuss the Mitzvah Project concept during the course with Rebbetzin Estie.




In a Friday evening service, the Bat Mitzvah girl begins by leading the ceremony with the Shabbat candle lighting and blessing. Following which the Bat Mitzvah girl will recite special prayers and readings, some on her own and some together with the congregation. This ceremony will also include the Bat Mitzvah girl reading verses of her Parsha (Torah Portion/Haftorah) as well as delivering her speech and concludes with the Kiddush. The service will be personal, lively (including traditional Jewish songs), meaningful and spiritual. The service usually takes around an hour.

There are many meaningful honors to be given to the parents and grandparents during the ceremony. There is an option to include other family members in the ceremony by choosing to add a cup of blessing ceremony. It is also customary to shower the Bat Mitzvah girl with sweets at the end of her reading her Torah portion.

Depending on the time of the service (ie. How close to sundown) this service can be held off the Synagogue location and that would enable some more flexibility with regards to the set up and duration of the service. Bat Mitzvah services in the Synagogue sanctuary itself would need to be concluded by Sundown.


This option is really only feasible during Eastern Standard Time ( November – March) when Shabbat ends at an earlier times as the service can only begin after Shabbat ends. The Bat Mitzvah girl would do everything that the Friday night Bat Mitzvah ceremony entails but in place of the Shabbat candles she would incorporate the Havdalah ceremony. Which is a traditional ceremony marking the end of Shabbat with wine, candle and spices.


A Sunday Bat Mitzvah takes place as described above for Friday night with the exclusion of the Shabbat candles. The advantage of this service is that there is more flexibility with times since there are no travel restrictions due to Shabbat.


  • Girl should be after 12th birthday (according to Hebrew birthday) on day of her Bat Mitzvah celebration. She need not wait until she is 13, although doing it at 13 is perfectly acceptable.
  • She should attend Hebrew School program as well as the Bat Mitzvah club sessions and private lessons (as needed).
  • Girl (and hopefully entire family) is encouraged to attend Shabbat services several times as well as all holiday services throughout the year preceding her Bat Mitzvah. Doing so makes a lasting impact on the Bat Mitzvah girl that affects her positively for the long term.
  • The Bat Mitzvah girl should be modestly dressed, with her shoulders covered and her skirt to her knees for the service.
  • You may have a photographer or video for the ceremony except while it is actually Shabbat. (Most Bat Mitzvah services are held before or after Shabbat)
  • The family should provide Kippas/Yarmulkas for guests.
  • The family is responsible to buy the candy that is thrown. The candy must be kosher and pareve (not dairy). Sunkist Gems are an example of kosher candy and highly recommended as they are soft. Can be purchased at BJs, the Grove or Walgreens.
  • The printing of a customized service program booklet is optional for the family to do. The Rabbi will provide the final version of a customized template and text for your daughter’s specific service if you should choose to print one.
  • If the ceremony is held at our Synagogue, all Food and liquor served after the service must meet the kosher standards of the Synagogue.


Schedule of Fees for Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah



Bat Mitzvah Club and Tuition

(12 semi-private lessons + 3 private lessons*)



Rabbi Officiating the Ceremony



*Additional Private lessons at  $60 per lesson

**Fee for usage of the Chabad will be billed separately through the Chabad office