According to Jewish tradition, a Bar Mitzvah reflects a major turning point in the life of a Jewish boy and as such, we believe very strongly that every boy should celebrate this milestone in a meaningful and traditional manner. We are proud to present you a variety of options to personalize your service and make this a day to remember for years to come.


  A typical Bar Mitzvah service includes:

  • Prayer service
  • Reading of the Torah and/or Haftorah and appropriate blessings
  • Traditional songs
  • Speeches delivered by the Rabbi, the Bar Mitzvah boy and parents.
  • Candy throw/Cup of blessing ceremony.
  • Kiddush

The Bar Mitzvah boy may do as much as lead the entire service and read the Torah and Haftorah or as little as just being called up to the Torah for an Aliyah (2 blessings) or anything in between. This will be determined by both the boys level of Hebrew knowledge and time remaining before Bar Mitzvah. Most Bar Mitzvah boys who graduate Chabad of Parkland Hebrew School are called up for an Aliyah and read the Torah or Haftrorah and its blessings as well as lead several prayers in front of the community.


The Bar Mitzvah boy will need to work with a private tutor/Rabbi (Rabbi Mendy Gutnick or a Rabbinical Student) once a week for approximately 6-8 months to learn how to read from the Torah and/or Haftorah and put on Tefillin etc. (4-5 months will be necessary for the standard Bar Mitzvah preparation including reading one section from the Torah). During this time they will also learn the meaning and background behind many of the Bar Mitzvah traditions and rituals. We endeavor to make the Journey as enjoyable, stimulating and as meaningful as possible.


The Bar Mitzvah boy is encouraged to choose a Tzedaka project, (such as volunteering his time or raising Money for a charitable organization) in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. We will discuss the Mitzvah Project concept during our first few lessons.  



Shabbat Morning Service:

A Shabbat Morning Service begins at 10:30am. with Shacharit (morning service.) It includes the Torah, Haftorah reading, the speeches and then the Mussaf service. Services generally end approximately 12:45pm. after which guests join the congregation for a Kiddush/Lunch. [The Bar Mitzvah family is expected to sponsor the Kiddush/Lunch following the Shabbat morning service. There is a nice standard as well as deluxe kiddush option provided by the Shul caterer or you may arrange a customized kiddush with an outside Kosher caterer of your choice. This is only expected if you choose the Shabbat morning service option]. [Advantage of this service is that it very traditional and the involvement of the congregation lends itself to a very genuine and joyous celebration.]

Shabbat Afternoon Service:

This ceremony is an approximately 75 minute  Mincha (afternoon) Service. There is a Torah reading with 3 Aliyot and Torah portions as well as various additional prayers an speeches. (Depending on the time of year the time of this service can be done anytime between 2:00pm and 7:00pm) [Advantage of this service is that it is more intimate as only family and friends will attend and is customized for the Bar Mitzvah boy to lead the entire service. No Kiddush sponsorship for the entire community following service is required.]

Weekday Service:

The weekday Shacharit (morning or early afternoon) service includes Torah reading with 3 Aliyot and Torah Portions, the laying of Teffilin, as well as additional prayers and speeches. The service is approximately 75 minutes long.  You may choose to have a weekday Bar Mitzvah on a Monday, Thursday, or Rosh Chodesh (1st day of Hebrew month.) which can sometimes fall out on a Sunday. Days like Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day and Labor Day might work for your family. [Advantage of this service is convenience for observant family members to drive as opposed to Shabbat. Photography, Video and microphones are permissible to be used which they cannot be on Shabbat. Rabbi can travel to any location of your choosing for service.]


Bar Mitzvah should be held on or anytime shortly after 13th birthday (according to Hebrew birthday)

He should attend Hebrew School program as well as the Bar Mitzvah lessons (as needed).

  Boy (and hopefully entire family) is encouraged to attend Shabbat services several times as well as all holiday services throughout the year preceding his Bar Mitzvah. Doing so makes a lasting impact on the Bar Mitzvah boy that gives him a sense of belonging and affects him positively for the long term.

Family will need to purchase NEW Tefillin and Bar Mitzvah boy will learn how to don them with the Rabbi.

The family should provide Kippas/Yarmulkas for guests.

  You may have a photographer or video ONLY at a weekday service. If the service will be on Shabbat you may want to plan on a pre-Bar Mitzvah photography session / dress rehearsal at the shul during the week prior to the Bar Mitzvah.

Aliyot and additional honors are traditionally bestowed on the family and close friends of the Bar Mitzvah family please see attached form.

The family is responsible to buy the candy that is thrown. The candy must be kosher and pareve (not dairy). Sunkist Gems are an example of kosher candy and highly recommended as they are soft. Can be purchased at BJs, Kosher Market or Walgreens.

The printing of a customized service program booklet is optional for the family to do. The Rabbi will provide the final version of a customized template and text for your daughter’s specific service if you should choose to print one.

If the ceremony is held at our Synagogue, all Food and liquor served after the service must meet the kosher standards of the Synagogue.

Please note that there is separate seating for men and women during the services.


Mazel tov on your upcoming simcha!

Any questions please contact Rabbi Mendy Gutnick 954-600-6991 or email [email protected]



Schedule of Fees for Bar Mitzvah


Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Chabad of Parkland (Last Updated June 2020)






Bar Mitzvah Tuition Standard (14 Lessons) - Prep time: 4-5 Months

 $ 770.00

 $ 850.00

Bar Mitzvah Tuition Full (22 Lessons) - Prep time 6-7 Months

 $ 1,210.00

 $   1,320.00

Teffilin (Possible to obtain independently)

 $   450.00

 $   450.00







Rabbi Officiating Ceremony

 $ 400.00

 $ 500.00

Rental of the main sanctuary for service (separate billing)

 $ 500.00

 $ 700.00

Kiddush and Food prices & Social hall rental (separate billing)