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Please let us know which of the following Adult Education classes would be of interest to you:

Torah Studies: Take a guided tour behind the scenes of the weekly Torah portion. Discover deeper meaning in the words of the Bible through an analysis of the text and classic commentaries. (Weekly)

Genesis Series: An in depth study of the book of Genesis leaving no stone unturned in the Torahs account of creation and the founding of the Jewish nation. Based on many commentaries, both classic and contemporary (Weekly)


Tales of the Prophets, Judges & Kings: A study into the ancient Jewish times and the fascinating lives of leaders such as King David King Solomon, Samuel, Deborah, Samson and Joshua. How to relate to the stories of the post-Mosaic Bible to our own lives.



Talmudic Studies: The Talmud is the most fascinating text ever compiled. Its roller coaster arguments and unparalleled logic spellbound both scholar and layman alike. It's detailed legal and ethical code - the first of its kind- influenced and helped shape much of the Judicial code of the free world. Hebrew reading skills not necessary. (Weekly)

Exploring the Mishnah: Discover the foundation of our Oral tradition through this text based class as we study this classic compendium of Jewish legal disputes and rulings. (Weekly)

Shulchan Aruch: The Code of Jewish Law "sets the table" for Jewish life. The code deals with every aspect of life - from the mundane functioning of daily life to the holiness of Shabbat and the Holidays. This study group will focus on the practical applications of the Code of Jewish Law in pursuit to live in accordance with Halacha. (Weekly)

Getting Comfortable in the Synagogue: A beginners course to acquaint yourself more thoroughly with the Prayer book. Learn the meanings of the Prayers and how best to follow along. (Course)

Jewish History: A comprehensive and fascinating tour of some lesser known but pivotal events and times throughout our turbulent but rich history. (Course)

The Essentials - Tier One: A course on the foundations of Jewish Life. Blending the spiritual and the practical. "The Essentials" will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Judaism with topics such as; Belief in G‑d, Shabbat, Prayer, Jewish Life Cycles and The Jewish Home. (Course)

The Essentials - Tier Two: So you know the basics but want more details then this is the course for you. Find out more about the fundamentals of our tradition. You do not need to have attended Tier one to appreciate Tier two) (Course)

Kabbalah 101: Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism offers unparalleled insight into the mysteries of life. This course will lead you on a journey into the self and the world around us. Topics include; What exactly is Kabbalah? What is the purpose of Man? What is the purpose of creation? Do we believe in the afterlife? (Course)

Living Kabbalah: (More advanced Kabbalah series) Kabbalah means to receive, to be open. Kabbalistic meditation means to become centered, to wean oneself from identifying with externals and to redirect one's focus toward the Center of all reality, the Creator. By doing so we forge a connection between the self and the Divine. Join us for this course and receive the wisdom of the Kabbalah and learn to engage the teachings for practical applications. (Course)

Hebrew 101: impress your friend, pray in Hebrew; Learn Torah in its original language; read street signs in Israel...Even if you don't know an aleph from a bet, Hebrew 101 will teach you in 5 classes how to read Hebrew. (Course)

Ulpan - Conversational Hebrew: You know a few words here and there but you want to finally learn how to speak Hebrew then this is the course for you. Focusing on modern conversational Hebrew this course will be of great assistance to those who plan on going to Israel. (Course)

We would also like to bring guest speakers to Chabad of Parkland at different times throughout the year and would appreciate your input as to what topics would be of interest to you. Please suggest a topic or topics in the space provided . Thank you.

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