Thursday Morning, March 25

Taanis Bechorim/ Fast of First Born; The “Fast of First Born,” traditionally absolved by a Siyum, takes place each year on 14 Nissan, Erev Pesach. Since fasting is prohibited on Shabbos and only rare cases permit it on Erev Shabbos, the Fast/Siyum takes place on Thursday, March 25 after morning services. More leniency is given to those obligated to fast this year. If it is impossible to be present at a Siyum on Thursday, they can "redeem" their fast with charity equal to the cost of their meals of the day and/or for this year only, Zoom participation in a live Siyum is acceptable.

Thursday Night, March 25

Bedikas Chometz/Searching for Chometz is usually done the 13th of Nissan at night (14th Nissan, Erev Pesach). This year, being that it is Friday night, we do Bedikas Chometz on Thursday night, the 12th of Nissan after 8:10 PM. It is performed with all customs, blessings and statements of disowning Chometz as is done each year.

Friday Morning, March 26

Friday we keep the designated times for latest burning and sale of Chometz as if it were Pesach eve. The exception this year is our definitive statement of nullification of all Chometz which is usually recited while burning it. This year, we will recite it on Shabbos morning. Locally, the deadline for burning/selling Chometz is Friday, 12:24 PM.

Shabbat, March 26 & 27

Ideally all Shabbat meals and utensils should be Kosher for Pesach with the sole exception of a tightly sealed bag with small Challah rolls enough for 2 small rolls -1 for Fri. night, the 2nd for Shabbat morning, per household member kept safely away. Everything in the house should be completely Kosher for Pesach in time for Shabbos, Candle Lighting (7:18PM). It is not permissible to prepare on Shabbos for after it. Thus all must be ready for the Seder and Pesach immediately after Shabbos.

Friday Night

After Kiddush Friday night we wash for Hamotzi. At the far side of the room, 2 rolls are held in bag when reciting Brocha. Everyone should eat one small size roll, carefully, in/on tissues. When finished, tissues and any/all crumbs in/on/around are flushed down toilet. After rinsing mouth and ensuring no crumbs left, meal continues as regular etc.

Shabbos Day

Shabbos morning we daven earlier as all Chometz must be finished by 11:22 AM . Same Kiddush and Hamotzi procedure as Friday night is followed. After flushing all tissues with any/all remnants of Chometz down toilet, we rinse our mouths well, make sure no crumbs are left/on clothes. If for whatever reason large sized Chometz is present, it should be placed in the locked cabinets sold to gentile. It is important to recite the absolute nullification of all Chometz usually recited when burning Chometz. Everything must be completely finished by 12:24 PM on Shabbos.

You are now chametz-free, physically and spiritually — and free to fully enjoy the liberating experience of the Seder and the eight-day Festival of Freedom.

One should not begin The Seder until Shabbos is over, 8:10 PM. All items needed for Seder plate should be pre-cooked before Shabbos. Havdalah is integrated into the Kiddush of Seder.