The Solomon Leadership Program was established to teach and instill the traits, skills, and values that are integral to successful leaders in all fields, including business, education, medicine, law, government and more.

The Solomon Leadership Program, a program of the Palm Beach Synagogue, is informed both by moral values and the significant leadership experiences of our mentors. 
The program aims to mold potential future leaders in our community by targeting a diverse body of teenagers who exhibit leadership and are active volunteers in their local community, school, church, or synagogue. The course, divided into eight workshops, encompasses eight essential skills of successful leadership. Students will understand their personal value and potential as leaders through Solomon’ multi-dimensional program. 
Our written curriculum, mentor role-models, group exercises, and inspiring speakers give participants a broad perspective on leadership. This enables students to envision themselves as future leaders, driving them to pursue their goals towards success.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Medal and Award of Completion. Based on performance throughout the course, top participants will be awarded Gold Medals of Achievement. The highest ranked participant will receive The Solomon Leadership Award and $1000 cash prize.

The curriculum, divided into six workshops, encompasses six essential values of successful leadership:

Prior to each workshop, students receive a short booklet containing a curated collection of anecdotes, quotes, video links, and questions that prompt them to explore the value which will be discussed in the upcoming workshop.

Every workshop features a guest speaker from the South Florida community who discusses his/her personal experience as a teenager and journey to leadership as it relates to the value explored in that workshop.

After the guest speaker concludes the presentation, participants are divided into small groups. Each group is joined by a mentor, a local leader who volunteers their time to join the Solomon Leadership Program. In the group, the mentor will augment that session’s topic through exploration of real life challenges faced by the mentor and students, continue discussion of the speaker’s presentation, and review the booklets that the students completed. The session then concludes with a brief introduction to the next topic.

Each mentor will remain with their group throughout the six monthly sessions and be available to the participants between each session to continue the dialogue and offer guidance, circumstances allowing, if requested by the participant. 
Throughout the program students will be evaluated on their understanding and implementation of the values and skills discussed at each workshop. At the end of the six sessions, students will produce an essay and video on what they have gained and how they have grown from the Solomon Leadership Program.

The program application is open to all 10th, 11th and 12th grade students who aspire to be leaders in their community and meet the program criteria. To receive an application FILL IN APPLICANTS NAME AND EMAIL BELOW

Once an application is completed and received, the student will go through an interview process. Those accepted will receive a letter of acceptance into the program